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Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Reset Nokia 5800

How to reset nokia 5800? or How to restore the initial settings for nokia 5800? the questions asked by many users of nokia 5800.
The Nokia 5800 is often thought to be the first Nokia touchscreen mobile phone. Now, i will give ways to reset devices.

Soft Reset or Basic Reset

The reset will restore all the phone’s settings to factory default and delete all user info. You need to use the dialer to enter this code : * # 7 3 7 0 #

Hard reset or Totaly Reset

Hard reset only works if you had previously updated the phone to v20. Please make backup before applying this type of reset, since it will restore the phone’s settings as well as erasing all the data in the phone memory.

Switch off the phone.
Press GREEN + RED + CAMERA + ON simultaneously until you see the 'Select Country' option.

The default password is 12345. You need to press and hold the key until the number appear.
Please do not confuse 'revert to factory settings' with soft reset. 'Revert to factory settings' can be achieved from Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone mgmt. > Factory settings or input this code:
* # 7 8 7 0 #
and will only restore the phone to its factory setting without deleting data.

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