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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hard Reset and Format Nokia N78

Nokia N78, the first S60 device to support Feature Pack 2.Users have encountered a lot of issues, bugs and problems. If you are facing issues with your smartphone, here are a few tips to get your mobile phone back in business.

--- To restore your phone to the original factory default settings, press the Menu button, then go to Tools, Settings, General, Factory settings. Here you need to enter the lock code (generally 12345). After the reset, the device may take a longer time to power on.

--- To hard reset/format Nokia N78 (all data will be lost), follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Turn off the mobile phone.
2. Press and Hold the following three buttons: the green Call Answer button, the ' * ' button, and the number ' 3 ' button.
3. While holding these three buttons, press the power button to switch on the device.
4. Release your fingers when the screen displays the Nokia Logo and the language selection menu further.

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