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Friday, December 25, 2009


wellcome in my blog...

Colleagues for the some job with a publisher (hp technisian) we could share and exchange experiences on mobile issues through the post.
For the schematics would downloading please,it is free...
Possible schematics file are incomplete mine,please be advised...
it was because of my limitation as a publisher and we will continues update this blog.
Please send comments on this blog if you don,t find what you are looking for,we will try to fix it.

You can also downloading tips and triks about cell phone problems like the example: jumpers and triks others,may be useful for you.

To start downloading you can archive directly to the menu blog,according to brand and type you want, to get back to this main page you can click tab "wellcome".

Suggestions,feedback or questions you can post on this blog, we would appreciate all your efforts
to do so...
Finally, thank you for visiting and good luck


  1. I salute with this blog .... good luck always

  2. thanks bos, disini tersedia skema hp yang lumayan lengkap, kalo mau mampir aja ya